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Design Services
The design environment at United Memories is customized for state of the art semiconductor memory design. Currently DRAM designs are underway that utilize either a trench or a stack cell in processes down to 45nM.

    Design and Layout Tools in Use at UMI
    • Circuit design and simulation: HSPICE, Nanosim
    • Schematic capture: Cadence ARTIST
    • Layout: Cadence Virtuoso
    • Layout verification: Calibre (DRC/LVS), XCALIBRE (Parasitic)

    Typical Design Contract Deliverables:
    • GDS II database (electronic or magnetic transfer)
    • Electronic and hard copy of schematics
    • LVS/DRC run sets
    • A design review at the customer's location
    • Results of Silicon characterization and test programs

Product Engineering Services
United Memories has extensive experience in the analysis and debug of existing designs. Using the tools and speciality test equipment available in our Labs we have been able to isolate and diagnose a wide range of circuit and yield limiting defects. In addition United Memories has the capability to perform on-wafer changes to evaluate the effects of circuit improvements

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